Has your company hit a major growth spurt? Are you thinking of expanding your business? Want a space to rent out for your office? Choosing an office space is a very challenging and an incredibly important part of your business. The office space not only affects the day to day functioning and your employee’s morale, but it has a much greater impact on the brand image of your office. Several factors are responsible to get the perfect office space which is very crucial for your business. To end up being disappointed, it is better to plan well a perfect space for your office. The future needs of the company should be your prime concern. Do not think about the present situation while looking for a space to rent out for your office.  Look into these and you could get the best office space.

Location: It is very important to pick up a convenient location while you choose space for your office. Before choosing a space for your office ask these questions:

Is it a hassle for my clients to reach me there? Can my staff reach the office easily?  If the answer for above question is yes, then you can definitely     are in the right track of finding the perfect location for your office. Look at your neighbourhood too. It is required to keep your staff as well as clients happy with a lively neighbourhood of some eating and dining joints, gym and so on.


Price: Most of the businessmen consider this as the most important priority while choosing a place. If you pay too little you may not be happy there and move out soon,

or if you pay too high you might struggle to pay the rent or will again move out to down size. Ask these questions: Am I ready with funds to pay 3 month rent deposit right now?

Are me well aware of all the other associated cost like the maintenance, parking cost, etc. Is the rent in par with other office spaces in this area?

Size: The size of your office is dependent on the location and the price. The recommended size for an individual is 70 square feet. Then you will require a refreshment area for your staff to eat their lunch as well as rest. Answer these questions and decide up on the size. These questions will indicate you the affordability and will help you in getting the best deal. For best deals you can also browse through this site

Will each person get 70 square feet of floor? Can I accommodate more staff as years pass by? Will my staff be happy? Is there a dedicated space for meetings with my clients? Be generous to get a good spacious office. A cramped up space can reduce the productivity of your employees.


Infrastructure: This is an important feature for some businessmen. All offices require internet connectivity and there is cost for getting a line connected and also access the internet. The reliability and quality of your service matters. Ask these questions before choosing a place:

How to contact any person in the building to know their experience regarding the infrastructure?

While calculating the final price I will be giving to this office space, have I added the internet fee?

Can I ask the owner for a speed test to ensure the internet connectivity?

The speed test is the best option to try before you move in to a new office premises


Style: The interiors are of prime importance to some businessmen. If your office is about a product selling then it has to be taken into consideration to have and follow that style. Same questions:

What other business operates in my line?

Can this place be customized or brand the office without any extra cost.

If your answer is NO, then it is time to reconsider and find a flat.

Know everything is negotiable.  The office space rent should be negotiated and brought down to your affordability and capacity.

With these ideas in mind you can get the best office space for you.